Every M, W, and F from 5:30-6:30 a.m., there are a group of women who gather in a room and step up, step down, bring their knee up, etc, etc…all to very loud music. I have watched them curiously over the past months in my regular rotation between sit-ups and running. Before vacation as I was running on the treadmill and this group of women filed out of the room past my machine, I saw a good friend from work in the pack. I yelled HEY to her very loudly because I had my headphones on and we talked for a bit with her saying I should try this crazy activity.
SOOOO yesterday morning I found myself in the room with my step and my friend. And for about 10 minutes I t-stepped and basic stepped and A-stepped and tripped on the step and kicked the step. Then I picked up the step and put it away. Put on my headphones and went back to my weights and treadmill.
And as I started my tri-cep exercises and Santogold played in my head and my thoughts drifted into work, home and family I realized that my workouts have really become meditative for me. A time for me to move slowly through the motions with my own private soundtrack. It is becoming a habit.
That being said-I am pretty excited to say that I have dropped to a weight that I might not have seen since college. My body is probably stronger then it is has ever been. Even in high school when I was a skinny minny I did not have the muscle that I have now. And as weird as this may sound-I find myself touching my legs, my arms, my stomach-discovering this new body that is coming out of my old one. The other morning at my admin meeting, in the middle of the meeting, my vice-principal (of back-slapping consoling fame) leaned over to me and asked if I was losing weight. You have to know this man, but nothing about him is subtle…not his personality, not the work he does, not his words that come out of his mouth…nothing…So I responded quietly with a nod and a smile. He responded, “You are looking good…looking HOT!” and shot some finger guns and snaps at me. And even though it was completely inappropriate-I felt awesome.

So sorry to ramble on about me, but I have entered territory that I have never been in before and I have to say that I am ready to settle down.


7 thoughts on “Step-Aerobics

  1. ally says:

    oh thank GOD, its about time you blogged about yourself, I mean, I love your kids and everything but youre still my sister and its nice to hear about YOU once and while….hahaha finger-guns….hahaha…step aerobic…hahaha….were you completely uncoordinated? I couldnt do step aerobics even if I wanted to, I am completely horrible at following directions. I wish I was there to amuse myself watching you jump around to really bad techno re-mixes. This post was awesome!!!!

  2. ally says:

    PS, can we talk about what an influence you have had on me? not to get cheesy but everytime I think I dont want to go work out or do something active because I am lazy or unmotivated now I just think of you and how you have your two kids and husband, and your house in the middle of the woods and your full time super-stressful job helping OTHER people’s kids and how you STILL have time to work out and it just reminds me that I have NO excuse at all whatsover. SO you know, thanks.

  3. Jen says:

    Awesome!! You are so psyched! And it is great to hear that there are still men like your vice-principal and his comments in our schools!! Love it. I guess we really need to see you and your hot bod soon!

  4. meme says:

    Oh how I loved reading your post and A’s response: you really are my girls! Big chuckle over step-A. I start doing this tomorrow with a group I once would have dismissed as “old ladies”. Alas, now I are one:>( It is sooooo difficult to make time for yourself when you are a female person. Men just take it for granted: someone else will fill in any gap or gaping hole I happen to create, no matter what. That is why children need two parents:>) So proud of both of you for making the time for yourselves and meeting the goals you have set. I am woman, hear me ROAR!!!

  5. Jen says:

    I just have to chime in again because I keep thinking of you and this post! You are so great! Thanks for being you and sharing yourself with us. I love thinking of the ladies who were looking at you in the mirror as you left the step class. Fun.

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