images Grandma and Grandpa gave the family Barnes and Noble gift cards so the girls and I trekked into Portsmouth yesterday to spend spend spend. Ella excitedly shopped the chapter book section-looking for books that she can read herself. This is a fun independence. Her confidence in her reading has recently just shot through the roof and she has declared reading her “favorite subject”. Molly bought all the dancing princess, dora, diego, barbie soft covered books she could get with her gift card and has been pouring over them for the past day. Telling me details from the story as she sits next to me at the table with them spread around her.
And ME… I got Nigella Express. And have looked through it three times already. It is probably strange that I want to hang around with this woman. But I want her to cook for me and I want to see her flat in London. I want her to come to my house and stock my pantry with all of the food she loves-cook for me and fill my fridge with all of her food and then host a dinner party for me and my closest friends. Is that too much information??? But these are the things I think about.

And just a note…I love the YELLOW this morning. I will continue painting…Molly loves it too. Asking me to paint even the chairs yellow.


8 thoughts on “Books.

  1. Kelly says:

    I love her as well… she is a busty woman – can cook up a storm.. messy… I saw her half hour bio once – we would be best friends – the three of us. My boss wants to be her “friend” too…

    Yup… I watched a bio on a celebrity chef… isn’t that what winter is for??

  2. ally says:

    I love Nigella. You always want to be friends with people- like Anne Lammottt, you want to be friends with her too. I wish I was friends with Giada (or Gi-had as mike calls her) but I think she might be a little high maintenance. speaking of Gi-had- her books are super cheap at Target!

  3. barngirl says:

    I know…I have a strong desire to know a famous person. But not obscenely famous…And not just ANYONE. I am specific in my desire.
    I am going to target on Sunday! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Jen says:

    Nigella inspired an NPR reporter to practically have an orgasm during his report. I was like, What!!?? This is NPR, for heavens sake. It was great.

  5. Jen says:

    Wait. I forgot to mention that I LOVE the image of Ella and especially Molly choosing books at B&N. And then leaning on the table, staring lovingly at them. So precious. And, I am enjoying Vampire Weekend. I think it will be great driving music! Thanks!

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