It’s all relative.

5 days without power can bring the best of us to our knees for a moment or two. Can’t it? In actuality-I made it through 4 days with little fuss-a tad bit of whining, but for the most part-determination to stay positive and calm. I didn’t even cry on the night I was outside every hour and a half filling the generator with gas because there was a leak in the seam of the gas tank. Not a whimper…okay…maybe a couple swears, but swearing is tough. In fact it wasn’t until Tuesday morning things started crumbling. As people around us began getting power back and declaring with such relief, that I began to think there was someone out there messing with me.
Tuesday morning brought more rain, a broken ipod, lint covered clothes discovered AT the gym because that is what happens when you pack clothes in the dark, no towel—so the gym supplied wash cloth towel used instead, all the other tiny things that resulted in me dissolving in tears in front of my vice-principal. Who is a pretty big guy and his best efforts involve slapping me on the back violently and handing me a tissue, but with all sincerity and concern. The rest of the day involved me telling every person who said they got power back, that well guess what I still don’t have power. Big of me, I know.
Happily, as I was shopping with my student council kids for our Sharing Tree at school, with said back slapping Vice Principal, Steve called to say that the Gods (CMP) had delivered unto us….Electricity. So we promptly went to the Lamberts to eat good food and drink some wine followed up with a ladies night with more wine and the exchange of cell phone numbers to be each others back ups in future events. And that is what these events are good for aren’t they? They remind us what is important…on who we can rely…enjoying the games of hide and seek with flashlights in the dark. Watching Princess Bride for the first time on my computer surrounded by candles…hearing Molly analyze that Fezzig didn’t really want a peanut…he was just rhyming. The solace of knowing your parents are still there to encourage, support, and commiserate even when you are 37. The feeling of comfort when your brother and father in law show up to help your husband fix the generator with the help of a neighbor. The pizza shared and enjoyed after some true Maine-gineering…

Tonight, as the snow swirls, the first of two storms to hit this weekend…I am peaceful. Christmas doesn’t feel that big…it just is. Because really I have all I need.


One thought on “It’s all relative.

  1. Jen says:

    I am seriously impressed. First that you survived 4 days without power without crying. And second that Molly understood the peanut rhyme. What kind of school do you have her at anyway? Some poetry charter school?
    I’m glad your power is restored. What a relief!

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