A perfect Holiday…

yeah—I know—he is cute.

On our walk…

Sri and Steve



Our attempt at a Christmas Pic…

Us Nasons and Thumatis

Might be one of my most favorite pictures…something about it hits my heart just right.


4 thoughts on “A perfect Holiday…

  1. meme says:

    Such a wonderful Thanksgiving a la Nason. We really enjoyed all the great home cookin’, rug hooking and responding to kid poutin’……Molly needs to see that shelf elf. I think he may be on his way to your house right now!
    Thanks for a great time.
    Love youz guyz.

  2. jkchapman says:

    Great shots of your holiday! I am so jealous of the buns and wish I could have eaten the whole pan. The Christmas shot is Perfect! It reminds me of people we know who once photo-shopped their card to get all the kids looking perfect at once. So lame. You guys are naturally beautiful and real. I say use it! Plus, how often do you get a shot of your kid looking like a scarecrow version of herself??!!

  3. HA! Love the sour puss. I think there are a few pics of me making that face. Y’know at like age 17. This reminds me of a great one I have of holding my niece when she was really tiny– she’s bawling and I’m laughing.

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