Beef Stew, a quilt, and friends…oh my!

Good weekend here at the Barn! Despite a mild temper tantrum thrown by me SOMEONE…at my eye doctor’s receptionist-it was a shiny and sparkly weekend. I cleaned on Saturday- in prep for friends coming over for dinner and the impending Turkey Day. I cleaned and made an incredible beef stew. I am fixated on this stew. Probably because I only had one serving so that everyone else had plenty. I wanted leftovers! Good sign that the pot was scraped clean, though probably.

I have realized that it REALLY doesn’t take much to entertain. We had two families over last night. I made the stew in the morning and all it had to do was cook. I bought an amazing loaf of Fougasse bread from the Beach Pea Bakery in Kittery and for dessert I had a frozen tollhouse pie that I thawed. Brilliant. So easy so i had so much fun. There were a cast of kids from 4 months to 6 years. And 6 adults happily ignoring the goings on of the munchkins around them ( except for the 4 month old, of course). I am always amazed at how well the kids play together-I don’t know why it amazes me, but it does.

I also get this giddiness about the times they are having-It is hard to explain but watching the secret but not-so secret world of little kids is hysterically wonderful and innocent and adventurous.

We had new friends and old friends over—and the wife of our new friends is old, old, old friends with the husband of our old friends. So it was a good group-but I must say I was pleasantly taken aback when Beau commented on the playing-saying well our kids have been together now for three years! Friendships, I hope that will last.

My eyelids are closing-4:30 a.m. morning and gym are haunting me. BUT I am sewing again! I started Ella’s quilt today. Grandpa and Meme want some grandkid time this week—I am on a sewing tear!!!! Looking forward to your arrival!



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