What I have been doing rather than blogging…

A friend once told me that when all else fails…make a list. Well, maybe not exactly that but he really likes lists and I have to say I am being won over by their charm. So as it seems that I have been in a blog funk lately…here it goes…

1. Listening to a lot of Kings of Leon. Like at addiction level listening. And it isn’t just this song or this album it is all the songs all the albums…but this one especially.

2. Thinking things right into the ground…driving them right down until I am exhausted and crazy.

3. Facebook. Sadly it is true. I can not get just the right tone to my status…a constant stress. 😉

4. Work…I can not even begin to talk about work. My emotional self is a sponge that is soaking up all that is around me but has now reached saturation level and I can not soak up anything else. Someone wring me out…please.

5. My birthday. I had my birthday this week. I turned 37. The thing that was amazing about this birthday-I had probably my two worst work days of the school year so far on my “not my birthday” birthday and my actual birthday. This was not the amazing part…in fact the suck-y part. The amazing part was how much love I received from old and new friends alike and, of course, my family. Awful day + reminder of the fact that people like me=saving me from miserableness.

6. Working out. It’s true.

7. Sleeping.


A. Still exercising.

B. Reading my new book…Julie and Julia. I have gotten to page 17. Big stall.

C. Cooking delicious food!

D. Sewing.

E. Planning superior crafty projects for my chillins.

And with those things would come spectacular blog posts for your reading enjoyment. Let’s all dare to dream…


3 thoughts on “What I have been doing rather than blogging…

  1. meme says:

    Finally, a post. It’s OK, I know you have plenty of other things on your plate. Having facebook also just another thing to do…..who needs THAT?
    I will see you very soon, can’t wait. Stress free feast, coming right up.
    Did you buy the turkey yet??

  2. ally says:

    Hmmm…I feel compelled to expand your musical repertoire…you have been listening to Kings of Leon for a few months now. Did you like My Morning Jacket? Dear and the Headlights? Check em out….

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