Valiant Effort!!!

Last night, Deb and I had a party for our Birthday Boys-the theme being—Party Like Before We had Kids.
Steve and I left the kids in the hands of our high school super hero babysitter at a friends’ house where they were spending the night!!! Yippie! It is a lot easier to think about partying before kids when you don’t have to come home to any kids after the party.

There was a keg, there were drinking games, there was a thong, there was wonderfully, awful, drunk singing (Santa, please bring me SingStar for Christmas!), and I even hooked up!!! Anytime someone brought up their kids…I made them drink. Ahhhh, just like the old days. Good times.

Nobody, but nobody gets between me and my nachos…

Deb setting us up for Beirut…kind of the lame-ass, I am really a parent version of Beirut but still I chugged…a little.

Before we had kids themed Yankee Swap…Condoms, beer, ArborMist, funky lights, Blondie…good stuff…Steve ended up with the best # and swiped the handmade purse that I wanted back for me…So psyched to have a husband!!!

Jay trying on his new thong…

Who gave this girl a microphone???


10 thoughts on “Valiant Effort!!!

  1. meme says:

    Oh my, sounds like everyone had enough to drink if they handed you the mic. Sorry Beth, I have sat between you and your dad singing and it wasn’t pretty.
    By the way, where did the rest of you go??? I’ll bet there is a shopping spree in your future as NONE of your clothes fit- they are all TOOO BIG!
    Way to go, girl.
    But don’t quit your day job for that mic, OK?

  2. Kelly says:

    YOU ARE SO SKINNY!!!!! I clicked “make a comment” really quickly to make that comment and I see meme’s comment above… OH MY GOSH BETH!!! YOU ARE SO SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ally says:

    Dude, the Natty light? And why is she only filling three cups? Do you need the ‘rut master to come help you???

    And dude you DO need to go shopping. Loose clothes? Seriously? Come on…

  4. the roe family says:

    i wasn’t going to but since THEY brought it up…
    you do look amazing bethers. who says you can’t have a hot bod after babies. way to work girl!

  5. barngirl says:

    Wow! Thanks guys! And meme, the joke for the sing star evening was I could make it on American Idol…the first part…
    Though—I must say of all of us there…I was the best worst singer.
    Ally—lame-ass beirut …read more closely…I did have to get up at 7:00 a.m. And what did you drink before you had kids??? haha And DUDE!

  6. Yeah, what is up Weight Loss? Was it the kale? Nice one, I need to do the same. Also, your weekend and mine were not all that different. Keg…drinking games…

  7. Pedro says:

    Your kids will enjoy reading this in ten years, knowing what you were up to when you ditched them with the bs.

    “Ahhhh, just like the old days.” Perry was there?

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