Getting to the end of the season

End of the holiday weekend came peacefully. The girls and I went out to the Farm today. And though we didn’t do much, Ella declared today that all of today was her favorite part of the weekend. She also whispered quietly after staring a while at their new pumpkin light in their room…
“Mommy, will Furgalur’s (burglar in Ella speech) come to our house and take our pumpkin light?”
“No, Ella, they won’t.”
“Because there are no Furgalur’s in Maine?”
“Yeah—but where do they live?”
“I don’t know but not here.”
“Not here…Yeah, haaaaaa.”

Back to it…


5 thoughts on “Getting to the end of the season

  1. ally says:

    Thats cause all the damn furgalers are out here in San Diego. Bastard furgalers. Also, instead of calling pillows “pillows”, Mike still calls them “fellows” hahahaa. Dont ask me how that started but now I called them “fellows” as well. We sound like a couple of tards at bedtime. Hahaha. fighting over fellows. Now I am going to call the boogie man and thieves “furglars”

  2. meme says:

    Love those outfits!
    Miss those smiling faces….especially Ella’s when she knows I am taking her someplace without her Mama hahahhahah!
    Glad you had a good weekend.
    Betsy and I kayaked the creek on Otisco Lake, the perfect last paddle of the season.

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