How about this weather?

Things certainly are sunny and beautiful here in Maine. We are all feeling a little under the weather health-wise, however. Sneezing, dripping, coughing, head-aching season has started. We had a couple fun options and plans for this weekend, but cashed them in for staying home, cleaning, doing laundry and grocery shopping. And oddly enough…it feels just right. I think it had been enough days where we have needed some time at home to hang. In between all the organizing of our lives we have put in a couple fun things.

Saturday was a trip to the library, Ella’s dance class, out to lunch in Portsmouth, and then home. The father-less, husband-less, head-achey, sneezy, coughy Randall’s came over for dinner to join us in our similar fate…And it was perfect.

This morning, my sweet, darling husband let me sleep and sleep. And I only roused myself because I promised that I would run 5 miles this morning before he left. So I did. I have never laughed after a run, but I did today. It was that good.

In an effort to get some house stuff done…the Randall kids came to play with mine. So for 4 hours they yelled, screamed, coughed, blew their noses, and ran outside. Good for all of us. And I folded and folded, cleaned and cleaned.

Now the girls and I have collapsed on the sofas with the movie Dancing Shoes based on the awesome book. We will see what it holds but so far Ella is transfixed.

Here some fun pictures from today…

The Mighty Oreo!!

The kids in all their glory…


3 thoughts on “How about this weather?

  1. Nice, do what feels perfect! No need to force yourself into other activities. On a different note, I wonder if kids today will be much more used to be photographed, growing up in the digital era. My niece is old hat at posing.

  2. Jen says:

    I am so impressed that you ran five miles! That is huge. You are so psyched. And I know this is blog world, but what is up with Ella looking about 12 years old in those Facebook pictures? I cannot stand it!

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