Dear Ella and Molly,

Tonight was a nutty night. Today was a nutty day. But on two occasions I saw things that I want to remember forever. The other things that happened today can disappear from my brain forever…that’s fine. But these two things capture who you are right now and I am forever falling in love with the people you continue to evolve into.
As I was making dinner tonight and Daddy was loading the van to run to the dump I watched you, Molly, run in and out of the house. At one point I walked by the window in the eating area and glanced out at the stone wall. There you were sitting on the wall with Oreo by your side. You were petting him and talking to him. Oh I what I wouldn’t give to know what you were saying to him…I would guess it included you calling him “lil buddy.” And as I stood there I watched you dance around the lawn, spinning and jumping, only stopping to sit further down the wall to pet Oreo again. You are a sparkly, bubbly, little soul and I think that your energy will only continue to dazzle me in the years to come.

And then at dinner…we had all sat down and after the bustle of the dishing out of food, I stopped to breathe and take a look at you all. Ella, my dear, when I looked at your beautiful face something made me stop. Your bangs..what was up with your bangs? I said this a few times and you repeated over again…nothing. But Daddy looked at them and I looked again and you cried. You had cut your bangs. All by yourself, upstairs in your room…right before dinner. I wasn’t mad. i thought it was funny and as your dad and I exchanged looks and giggles you cried with the embarrassment of being caught in a little lie. With that I feel more in love with the person you are trying on and trying out and I just know the final product will be nothing but dazzling.

I love you both.
Your Momma


4 thoughts on “Dear Ella and Molly,

  1. Jen says:

    Beth, I have missed you in bloggy world. These stories are the reason blogs are wonderful. You can capture those tiny, unexceptional and yet totally beautiful moments. And you do so very well! Glad you still exist and I hope you are soaking up more of life in your non-blogging time. But I do miss you here.

  2. the roe family says:

    well worth the week of waiting i’ve been doing for your next post. with baited breath i check every morning… these beautiful moments were well worth the wait.

    PS – i am going to miss you this weekend. not sure what the tent land experience will be without you.

  3. Oh, wee ones! Reminds me of the time I tried to put my Nana’s lipstick on without looking in a mirror. Then I was surprised when she could tell I had done anything amiss. Also– my cousins’ little rascal daughter cut her own bangs recently, really short, and her mom compared them to when I’d had baby bangs on purpose. Gee, thanks.

  4. I just teared up at my desk. You and Steve are doing an amazing job with the girls.

    And it’s best Ella learns early not to cut her own bangs. I didn’t learn that lesson until I was past 30.

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