I am having a moment…

This morning started off feeling sad and blue because Steve is gone until Sunday night and we had a full week of seeing each other on two mornings for 5 minutes and 3 mornings…not at all. Strangers in the night is our current theme song. However, a couple things have happened to turn that frown upside down.

1. We remembered that today is Ella’s first dance class of the year! Miss Tippity-Tap can tap her heart away for a full hour today. YEAH!

2. The Randalls are father-less too so we are going to gather for dinner and Deb is going to take my kids tomorrow so I can run! YEAH!

3. I am going to take the girls out to lunch and then I am going to get new running shoes…YEAH!

4. I have this pair of jeans that I LOVED when I met Steve. They made my butt look good and felt so good on. After Ella-they have lingered in my closet gathering dust…This morning for the fun of it I pulled them on and I CAN BUTTON THEM!!! YEAH! Still a little uncomfortable but they used to resist going over my hips and I laughed at the thought of buttoning them! YEAH!!!!

and last but NOT least…

5. I made an actual dinner this week that was delicious and I even pulled out my Angry Chicken Book and re-read the directions for the Lap Quilt…thinking I will make two for the girls for Christmas. YEAH!!!!

Happy Weekend-Enjoy the sun!


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