The perfect blend…

Saturday was gray and rainy. Perfect for a slow and steady day. The highlights including the gym, shopping for Ella’s birthday party and a relaxing, delicious dinner together. After a night of pouring rain that involved a lot of musical beds…Ella in our bed, Molly up to our room, Me down to Molly’s room, Me back to my room. Sigh…Luckily these nights happen so rarely that it is almost nice to snuggle up with Molly in the night.

In the morning, the Randalls joined us for pancakes. After breakfast, Deb and I took the two older girls with us to the Laudholm Craft Fair and out to lunch.
It was a beautiful time. Sunny, warm, breezy day and so fun to watch the girls together.

Here are the girls enjoying the smell of wooden bowls.

Hugs in the field.

One of the many monarchs—this one landed on Natalie’s stick.

Big thanks to Steve-o for watching the younger two so we girls could play. You are the best, honey!


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