Sister!! It ain’t because of Facebook…

First day of school today. Little bit of nerves, but a whole lot of bravery. Her big smile through the bus window-said it all. Her teacher called tonight to check in and said she can’t wait to spend the rest of the year with Ella…can’t say I blame her.

As for me…well I have never had such a busy start to the year. With an intern, a crazy amount of new students with huge needs, teaching a new class to 14 8th grade boys (shutter), and racing through my day with 20 minutes for lunch…I am happy to be sitting back and relaxing for a bit. Off to bed early because I am attempting to wake at 4:30 tomorrow morning to get to the gym before work…Wish me luck.
90210…LOVED IT!


5 thoughts on “Sister!! It ain’t because of Facebook…

  1. Jen says:

    Nice job for the teacher to call and check in. Have you checked in with all your students’ parents yet? I have talked to about 30, so I guess I have a couple hundred to go! You are a workout queen! I don’t know if you need luck or an intervention!

  2. ally says:

    Is that normal to call everyone’s parents? I don’t remember that being the case when I was a kid….I just remember parent-teacher conferences. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention…

    That seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through…

  3. the roe family says:

    good lord what a smile that child has. so glad she got off to a good start. the girls have a lot of good times ahead of them. how is 430 am treating you? keep it up!!!

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