My Belt Story

My Mom and Marty are here. They brought with them tons and tons of my “stuff”.

Found this tonight…

My Belt Story by Beth Roe
I ‘m a belt. I’m an elastic belt and I have blue and red letters that say jeans. I’m very important, because I belong to the girl named Vicki on Love Boat. It doesn’t feel good being a belt. You get pulled and stretched. That’s my belt story.

My teacher wrote “Very Good” at the top. Really? Nothing more? I am sure no one else has EVER quite captured the life of a belt so brilliantly.


5 thoughts on “My Belt Story

  1. L




    Dear Belt, I bet you are the kind with two kind of circular dealies you twist- hook into each other instead of a traditional buckle. You would command a high price tag at a vintage shop called Screaming Mimi’s in NYC.

  2. barngirl says:

    Cokane if only the belt was with the story…darn…And it was totally that kind of belt. I embellished the Vicki from Love Boat part…

    Maine Man-Working on that for years…quite a block.

    Ally-are you laughing with or at me?

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