A whirl of activity

On the go here in Maine. After the wedding on Saturday, we packed everyone up on Monday morning and headed north to New Hampshire for a little summertime, Storyland, F-U-N!
PBS plays flashes of Storyland park as commercials during kid programming and my kids FREAK out every time it is on. When they found out we were going—there were even bigger freak-outs as the anticipation mounted. Truly the best part of the trip for Molly was ALLLLL of Storyland. There is nothing better then the pure bliss of a child.
The first day after a couple hours of the park, we went back to the Hotel, ate dinner and dove into the indoor water park. Ella’s triumph was conquering huge fears and going down the three story waterslide. After her first accomplishment-she must have gone down the slide 50 times. Up and down…over and over. Each time a HUGE smile crossed her face when she came up on the water surface. Eventually, both of the kids asked if they could go to bed now. Have to love that…

The next day we had more waterpark fun and then off to Storyland again.
My favorite part was the circus. Magically changing outfits, clown trampoline acts, PERFORMING HOUSE CATS!!!, and death-defying acts…sigh love it.

We drove over to Moultonborough to visit the Chapmans after a few hours at the park. Good to see them in all their business of life. Always something cooking over there on Bean Road.

We drove in to our driveway Tuesday night and got two very sleepy girls into bed. Good way to celebrate the end of summer for this family.


6 thoughts on “A whirl of activity

  1. barngirl says:

    I know Therese! No video ALLOWED under the Big Top! Drat.
    They were amazing. We are starting to train Oreo today! We will keep you posted. So far-he can jump on the couch and bump your head with his until you pet him. TA-DA!!!!

  2. Ally says:

    Thats effing amazing. I was wondering where you were! no word from you in days?!?! Clowns freak me out but housecats make me laugh even when they ARENT performing! I am into it. Still morning the loss of my sax player. I cut my bangs. Ella and I now have matching hair dos. Kind of. Thats my life. Check my blog in a few days and I will have pictures. Exciting huh? I would rather be with you in storyland!

  3. Jen says:

    Shoot. I am so glad that you guys came by, but I still feel bad that we double booked our night with you all. You may see a post from Justin soon about the shed-raising and Ella’s efforts to help. I loved that she jumped right in to carry, cook, you name it. She is getting so old. Good to see you for the waning moments of summer’s warmth!

  4. barngirl says:

    Ally-Next time we will invite you!
    Jen-No worries! It was all good. Ella could have stayed there all night she had a blast.
    Sarah-Before we know it-it will be summer again!

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