I think I went to an A-List wedding

Or at least Merissa and I like to think so. Steve and I went to a wedding last night of an old roommate of his. It was at the Wentworth-By-The-Sea Country Club. Gorgeous setting with the back drop of pretentiousness and an air of “we just want to constantly remind you that you don’t REALLY belong here”. The highlight for me was meeting the wife of an old friend of Steve’s. His friend, very nice, but his wife…Hilarious. Along with cracking me up about life as a wife, mother, motherhood, and working-it was a constant string of “I will never be that woman who…..” Who….has an amazing flower garden, has brie in the fridge to serve drop in guests, who can wear a clingy dress with a thong, and on and on and on….

And then we saw the woman who was an identical twin to Jodie Foster…PROBABLY her twin sister. As we began to examine things closer we realized that we were surrounded by famous people stunt doubles, Jay Leno, Dana DeLaney and this gorgeous woman, who walked out of the tent with such an air and her pretty boyfriend that we figured she was probably famous. This got Merissa telling me about all the real famous people she has met…One being Bernie Mac-rest in peace.

She was at a hotel in Atlanta waiting for an elevator and when the door open she just registered this Big Black guy in a Tuorgoise Suit but then it was BERNIE MAC. She stood there frozen-“You’re Bernie Mac!” And she said he just looked at her, smiled, held out his arms and said “Come on in Baby!” I love that story. I would have liked to have that be my famous person meeting story. It made me realize I have not one good famous person meeting story. So I will have to work on that.

The rest of the night was a whirl of small talk and laughter until Steve and I snuck away to get a small pizza to share with a beer before heading home. So not really an A-List wedding, but definitely an A+ night.
Our friends twins…breathtaking cuteness. Even cuter in persons.

And what are these? I want some in my yard…


7 thoughts on “I think I went to an A-List wedding

  1. Kelly says:

    Next Monday.. not tomorrow.. I am helping my friend serve coffee to famous people! well.. maybe one or two famous people.

    That home makeover show with Ty Pennington is surprising some undisclosed family tomorrow to redo their house.. I get to serve coffee to the V.I.P. tent on the next Monday – the day of the “reveal”.. the move that bus day! I have to watch the show tonight .. so I know more about it.. but my friend Carol (she has been on the blog) sells office supplies including teh single cup coffee maker things so she called to volunteer and got the VIP tent! She is also giving the family a year’s worth of coffee and maker and stuff.

    I have to sign some waiver that I don’t ask Ty for an autograph.. I have to be all cool.. which I can do. I am just excited to be there for the family.. that show makes grown men cry LOVE IT.

    I think these people will be celeb – like… but no Jay Lenos.. I will be reporting on my blog of course…

  2. That is a great Bernie Mac story. RIP….

    When I worked at the Tower in Cambridge, Michael Stipe came into the store and I gave him bad directions. And I once startled, and was startled by, Adam Yauch, my favorite Beastie Boy.

  3. Ally says:

    Um First- those twins? Yeah, you know I had to comment on how effig cute THEY are. Second- I guess I can’t get married at Wentworth By the Sea now, I had no idea how pretentious it really was (although compared to Cali I can’t imagine how there could be MORE beautiful I’m-better-than-you people there, by now I am pretty used to it) and third don’t worry, I will never have a perfect flower garden since I seem to kill everything I touch. Rest easily knowing you can grow things way better than your little sister. Also, I wear purple nail polish on my short, nappy, unmanicured hands and I dont give a crap what people say about it.

  4. justin says:

    Is this where I get to share my “One time I met…” stories? Oh goodie. 1. Woody Harrelson- Our 8th grade class trip to NYC in perhaps 1991. So towards the end of his Cheers run but pre-White Men Can’t Jump. Our class is coming out of the Hard Rock Cafe (of course) and Woody and his special lady friend APPROACH US to ask if we would be so kind as to gather around Woody and sing, along with Woody, Happy Birthday to his friend (whose party he’ll be attending later) while his girlfriend video tapes the whole thing. Followed by small talk and autograph signing. 2. (This one’s for Steve) Fenway Park in perhaps 1994. My dad happend to score sky box seats, and the ramp leading down from the sky boxes is the same one that leads to VIP parking. My friend John and I are leaving the park via the ramp and up ahead we spot the unmistakable afro of Jim Rice. Without hesitation John shouts “Hey Jimmy!” as if we’re Rich Gedman and Marty Barrett and we haven’t seen Jimmy since John McNamera was replaced by Joe Morgan. Much to our delight, Jim Rice turns around with a huge beaming smile on his face ready to relive old times. However, when he spots us his happy grin quickly turns to a nasty scowl. Disappointing. But memorable.

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