History IS Fun!

Ella has loved her week at Strawberry Banke Camp. Everyday they start out by walking over to one of the houses in the Park to read a picture book from that era or relevance. Today they read a story about a Slave on the Underground Railroad. It got Ella thinking and chatting the whole way home. She was making all sorts of connections and declarations about the state of things in this world. We covered everything from the Civil War to Martin Luther King to Santa Claus. You are curious about that last one.

As we were finishing up our conversation with the idea of not hating people because of their skin color and what a great man Martin Luther King was, she declared-“It is good to DO things in this World to make it Better!” I replied that she certainly had it all figured out. “I know a lot of good things, Mama and I bet Santa Claus was really happy to hear me say that!”

I know he was.


5 thoughts on “History IS Fun!

  1. aunt allyson says:

    God Ella is such a good kid. She really thinks about others before herself ALREADY! That is SUCH a good sign at a young age…I think…I mean I dont really know cause I am not much of a kid person but it does SEEM like a good sign of someone who will grow up selfless and loving of all types of people! Its so cool how innocent kids are, before they learn about stereotypes.

  2. the roe family says:

    i am a kid person and i agree that your sweet little ella is amazing. ella boo we love you!

    and yes, i am sure santa heard you.

  3. awesome. i bet santa was especially happy to hear that because, according to one novelty song my friends and i have played and sung repeatedly, he is a black man.

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