Sometimes it is best to just go simple…

Good day here in Maine.

Ella had her first day of camp at Strawberry Banke today. After tears and fears, she walked through the door and a lovely little girl named Isabella walked up to her, asked her why she was crying, and told her she would be her friend this week. I could have hugged her. I went off to the gym, errands, and time alone. Glorious…

After lunch the girls and I ran to the post office to pick up a package and it was MY PLACEMATS!!! YEAH!!!! All the way from Australia. Yeehaw…They are lovely and the woman who made them and sent them…I can tell a kindred spirit. Steve read her note and said—“you guys would get a long.” Here they are in use tonight…

We had the Lamberts over for dinner tonight so it was a perfect opportunity to break them in. I made a yummy dinner tonight. HIGHLY recommend this for an easy-yet delicious entertaining dish. Lemony-Ricotta pasta with Basil from The Kitchen. Literally took the amount of time it takes to make the pasta and so amazing. Fresh ricotta from Terra Cotta Pasta and Served it up with some Fugasse (sp?) bread from Beach Pea Bakery in Kittery and salad with veggies from the farm and basil from our yard. We finished it up with Gingerbread with Blueberries and homemade whip cream….ahhhhh.

Here are the kids eating their dessert…

After dinner-the boys took the kids in to play Wii while Meg and I got to chat and chat and chat. I loved it. Sewing, books, kids, and school, and life…ahhh being a grownup around other grownups is so much fun. Also looking forward to a grown-up only trip to Mimmos in York next Wednesday with them. BEST SUMMER EVER!-right Colleen?? Seriously—it is.

And to top it off…I ran 3 miles in 27:14 yesterday. YES!


7 thoughts on “Sometimes it is best to just go simple…

  1. ally says:

    Nice work dude!!!!!! I remember you telling me about that lemony ricotta goodness…I need to make that sometime!!! mmmm…or you could make it for ME!!!!

  2. barngirl says:

    Thanks Ally! I would love to make that for you sometime.

    Roe family—just a note…the recipe calls for 15 oz of ricotta which I thought was a crazy amount…I had like 6 oz…and even then it was really cheesy. I wonder if they meant 5….
    BUT-no complaints from the crowd and so easy to make!!!!

  3. Kelly says:

    dude… I totally printed that recipe… love pasta with dairy stuff on it…

    AND how about that run!!!???

    psst: I am secretly training for a half marathon on Oct. 12.. I am not putting a word on my blog about it… and nobody reads yours.. JOKE!… so I thought I could write it as a comment to you guys.. BUT I bought the NIKE PLUS deal with the sensor in my sneak.. and times and mileage on my ipod.. LOVE IT. I am only on week 2 of the schedule.. so I can be blabbing about it now.. but I am going to really decide when Aug. 30 comes around and I am supposed to be running 8 miles.. I figure I will commit then.. if/when/maybe/sort of/we’ll see….

  4. barngirl says:

    That is AWESOME Kelly! You can totally do it. Absolutely.
    8 miles…makes me tired thinking about it. Never heard of the Nike Plus…interesting.
    And you make me laugh.

  5. Kelly says:

    Ok… So I am soaked with sweat.. did 4 miles tonight in 42 minutes.. ugh.. .don’t know how I could run 13 miles.. what the hell am I doing… schedule calls for 3 tomorrow night and 5 Sat.. we will see.. I will report.. from a ditch.. on the side of the road.. I’ll text… I will have thrown my new ipod in the creek… I will throw my new sneaks up on a power line like the dealers do.. and I will text you this report:

    “decided to stay chubby… way more fun… I love my Guinness too much… tell my sister she is on her own in that race.. eff that.”

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