Where have I been?

I have just spent 4 blissfully, wonderful days with my Maine Man in Burlington, VT. I don’t even know where to begin with this trip. Probably best to thanks Grandpa and Meme for coming all the way up here to Maine to stay with our Rag-a-muffins. Did they have fun? You be the judge…

In Ella’s words…they had a blast. Thanks Holly and Dad for taking the time to be with the girls…they are lucky to have had the time with you both.

Okay now back to our trip…
Steve and I stayed at the BEST B and B EVER!!!! Seriously…never been a fan of the B and B but oh my goodness if you are ever in Burlington…you HAVE to stay here. Our hostess, Maggie Sherman, was just so sweet, and wonderful, and adorable, and fabulous, and gracious. Her house was AMAZING. I want her house. The minute we stepped into this house, I was at home.

Every morning for breakfast she presented us with a buffet of local foods and home roasted coffee. We told her it would be fabulous if she could come home with us and present us each morning with what we would be eating. “This morning we have some french bread-cooked in a stone oven by real French Men, blueberries from the hardware store-I love that I get blueberries from the hardware store, a brie from blah blah blah Vermont….” and on and on and on…so lovely.
After breakfast-our days were so free and unplanned it was amazing. I ran on both days-Steve and I even ran together on one day…without FIGHTING. Usually I get pissed because he runs ahead of me. It is very childish, I know. We WALKED! EVERYWHERE! We ate! We saw the Dark Knight—AWESOME! We ate some more. And we walked! We drove up North to the Lake Champlain Islands-beautiful country. I took a nap. We ate! Overall-Just an amazing trip.

These pics are all from our walks around town.

For more great pictures from our trip, in a more pleasing viewing format visit Steve’s GALLERY

Overall, nice to be home but so glad we got away.


3 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. ally says:

    What do you mean you were “on vacation”?!?!?! You have the summer off???!! Oh right, from the kids. Hehehe. They dont read your blog, so they wont see that I said that:) Lookin good there, seems like you had an awesome time. I am jealous of your carefree burlington-ness. Sigh…the last time I was in burlington was for a rather racuous halloween party back in ’02. Sigh…those were the days….

  2. Jen says:

    Perfect getaway! Sounds like an amazing trip. I can’t imagine the freedom of 4 days. Blissful. Glad you’re back though (even just to blog world)! And I’m sure the girls are, too.

  3. Ally says:

    Dude, you look really hot in your pictures on Steve’s site!!! Nice shoes!!!!!! Now get back to blogging- its hard for me to procrastinate when there is nothing for me to read!!!

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