I have had a weird day. Suffice to say…that about sums it up. Can’t really describe why.

I went into work today. So it is always bizarre to be back there after being away.

We had librarian interviews today and there was one candidate who I almost laughed out loud when she came in the room. No…maybe laughter wasn’t the emotion…maybe cringing. And that felt so mean. So that wasn’t good. But it was true. Someone said afterward…I just wanted to give her the gong. Painful.

I got home and ran. It was a great run. Short 2 miles but good. And I listened to this song three times while I was running. A great running song. Not M.I.A’s best but it fit so perfect with my pace.

That is all I have to say about today.

OH P.S. Funny Website


2 thoughts on “hmmmm…

  1. Jen says:

    Oh, that web site is great! I only wish I had a photo of a cake I saw at a grocery store in Oregon. It was a foot-tall gorilla sitting upright. Yes, all black. Yummy? Not so much.

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