A little bit crispy…

Couldn’t have had a nicer day to be poolside. We had a lazy morning and after lunch met up with some friends at the Works. The kids all swam and played and played and swam. And all us mother hens, cluck, cluck, clucked away. Really we sounded like that. The big kids all did their big kid thing. The fun was watching the Mollys and Andrew play. After a warm up period the three of them took off into the pool and were running through the water spouts, playing ring around the rosy and falling in the pool with big splashes. Laughing, and laughing…so cute.

The other part of our evening besides dinner was playing Hannah Montana on the Wii. I am really good at it. But I am starting to feel used. Ella has me do the concerts so she gets the money to go shopping for more clothes, etc.. for Hannah. Oh well.

It was a good day. AND I froze more KALE. I think we have enough…don’t you?


2 thoughts on “A little bit crispy…

  1. ally says:

    She’s totally using you, I wouldn’t be so smug about your Hannah Montana skillz. AND, when I went grocery shopping the other day I came across some kale and I picked it up, looked at it, sniffed it, and then put it back. It does not look appetizing. HOWEVER, I just saw Giada make this pasta dish with swiss chard yesterday and she was saying that you can substitute in Kale or spinach. So I have decided to do that and then later I will rave about how much I love kale and then maybe I can be part of your weird kale-loving circle.

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