We have reached extreme laziness

This has been the week of doing nothing, but surprisingly I feel no guilt about that laziness.  In fact I am relishing this laziness.  My day basically consists of going to the gym and then the VERY basics of existence.  It is awesome.  Today our basis was haircuts for the family.  We had all become very shaggy.  My hair was even curly…actually that was just because of the humidity…but I dare to dream. 
Here is Molly and I with our new dos. Molly has bangs. Ella has decided to grow her’s long…oh joy. We will see-Irish was giving her all the things she had to do to train her hair to grow out right. JOY! Really that means a whole lot of fighting between she and I. Oh well.

Well back to doing nothing…Will someone please tell me whether or not I should take a class next week? 8-4 Monday to Friday. Great Professor…good stuff…But 8-4 Monday to Friday. Arrggggg. It really gets in the way of my laziness.


8 thoughts on “We have reached extreme laziness

  1. sista says:

    PSCHA! Class???? Seriously? Don’t do it dude, I give you permission as your fellow procrastinator on the left coast. Don’t eff with the relaxation man. You just dont eff with it.

  2. barngirl says:

    Feelin’ good Lewis. I could just use the baby-sitting lined up for other fun things…FOR ME! That is so decadent.
    Actually I do have to schedule a lot of kids…Sigh…I will probably go to work AND THEN do something decadent.

  3. meme says:

    Can you hear the cheers & celebration of Molly’s haircut all the way over in ME???
    You should, grandpa is soooooo pleased. I think Molly looks even cuter than usual and that’s really saying something.

    Don’t take the course- you are still vacationing, remember??

    Your cut looks good, too. Did Steve and Ella go too?

    I think I know where Steve will be this weekend…..

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