I was making a quilt at the time and other good things…

I would say, in my humble opinion the party was a success. We had about 60 people and probably half of those people were kids-under the age of 7. What a time. At one point I hugged Molly and she had this little film of gritty-ness on her little body. We had set up a couple pools and between that and the sand box and the rain which made great mud puddles under the swings and at the bottom of the slide the kids were dirty and having the best time.
The grown-ups enjoyed beer, food, and time to talk. I think this is the first year where I really felt relaxed and like I could have a good time and not run around like a crazy lady. Mostly because I think most people knew at least one or two other people and I didn’t have to walk around introducing people. One theme that played over and over, which I loved, was that people would walk up to me and tell me what great friends I have…and I would say-“yes and you are one of them!”
Lydia and Lyle—seeeee they are like 80 or 11 and 8…

Ladder ball or Extreme Ladder Ball with this crew.  Definitely a fun party game.

Sri and Lori-they must be family because you know that they can take care of themselves and I didn’t get much time with them yesterday.  We are just going to have to do something else together soon.  Hope you guys had fun!!!

Chloe and Ella

The scene…towards the end.

Eli and Molly-She thinks he is awesome.  So cute.

Our song being played.  Beautiful


We all had a big surprise when Grandma and Grandpa came up the driveway. Ella was truly excited to see Grandma and literally jumped into her arms with surprise. Steve and I were even happier when they took the girls out today and we got to take a nap. Sigh—grandparents…they rule.

My favorite parts of the party were two parts.
1. Our anniversary song from Jen and Justin. Both of us crying only made the song that much more special-that and the bubbles from the kids floating around as she sang. I feel so blessed to know this couple. You guys are truly awesome! Steve said to me today that he loves Jen and I together. And I can’t agree more.
2. The after party when the Chapman kids and Lamarre-Anderson kids were snuggled in bed. Our friend, Kevin was family-less so he was able to stay for the late night party. It was so good. Sitting on the deck talking about music, directions, teachers, and all the laughter that came from those mundane topics was fabulous. I was a little freaked when I saw the 1:00 a.m. time, but oh so worth it.

This morning we all tumbled out of bed and tents at a pretty decent hour and enjoyed blueberry pancakes, bacon and coffee. Perfect way to end a fabulous time.

When I thought about writing this, I had so many things that I wanted to share but it is so difficult for me now to pull those things out and do justice to how truly incredible this day was to me. This one will stay locked in my mind and heart. It may have rained and been muggy and buggy, but not one person complained-except me- and I just know that we have found the most perfect place for us and our family. This belief fills me and nourishes me.


6 thoughts on “I was making a quilt at the time and other good things…

  1. Jen says:

    Awww shucks. I think you guys are truly awesome too. As couples go, I don’t know any who are as real and as fun and as funny and in love as you two. If I could have said all that in person without becoming more of a puddle, I would have! We had the best time last night. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time. “It’s his home page.”

  2. ally says:

    I missed out yet again. And yeah, hot stone mason please, we all know the kids are cute.

    WOW Lydia and LYLE GREW UP! How crazy. soon we will all be marvelling over Ella and Molly too:)

  3. barngirl says:

    All of you—Therese Kelly and Ally-we wish you were there too.

    Sorry I totally dropped the stone mason ball. He was looking rather dapper that day too. But not as good as my maine man…right honey?!?!

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