Party Day

It is our 3rd Annual Barn Party today in Maine. And in traditional fashion we are being plagued by the threat of thunderstorms. And this morning I figured out why this is a recurring tradition. Almost 7 years ago-Steve and I got married on the most BEAUTIFUL day. The weather could not be anymore perfect. We planned an outdoor wedding at my dad and Holly’s house and when I was picking a wedding date I checked the Farmer’s Almanac and all it said for weather that day was “GOOD”. And by cracky…it was “GOOD”.
After we finished building our house and Ella was almost 2, we decided to celebrate. With a band, a tent, and lots of friends and family-we danced through the rain. We all agreed the rain made the party. Last year at the beginning of the party-it rained cats and dogs. Buckets of rain. And now this year here we are again with rain. So I think the gods are saying you get one party with perfect weather…that’s it.

Along those anniversary lines…we got a package from Holly in the mail. And in it was the most beautifully wrapped present and the best card. Steve and I admired these things for some time and were almost content with these two things without opening the gift. We loved them so much we took a picture

One thing I notice in that picture of when we were 7 years younger is that I was wearing a belt. I haven’t had to wear a belt in a while. Sigh…BUT I will wear a belt again my friends…oh yes I will.

SO on a brighter note about today…we are expecting many friends and family again. For us, it is a perfect way to say thanks to all those people who we have come to love and count on over the years. Dave Marshall-the man who helped build this place will be here today. I haven’t spoken to him in over a year, but of course he would be here. New friends, old friends, father in laws, brothers and sisters-in laws…KIDS- tons of KIDS!!!! If you are not coming today…please know…we wish you were here and will be toasting you and all the love you have given us. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Party Day

  1. meme says:

    oH deer!
    I hope you opened and used your anniversary gift today.
    It was a hot one here in NNY but no rain. Perfect day for a boat parade. PC & I had a blast. We rocked at Can/Am!
    Proving once again that you can only party in one place at a time……

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