Homeward Bound

This will be our view this time tomorrow. I put to bed two very excited little girls tonight.
What we will be doing this week.
1. Soaking up time with all the Roe Family. Niece, Nephew, Bros, Sisters, Dad, Holly and Great Grandma Roe.
2. Bonfires
3. Smores
5. Reading on the patio
6. Coffee and breakfast on the patio
7. Chalk on the patio
8. Swimming in the lake
9. Swimming in the pool
10. Swimming all the time says Ella
11. Breakfast at the Cherry Tree
12. Ice Cream at Molly’s Trolley
13. Sand Castles on the Beach
14. Strawberry Picking
15. Old MacDonald’s Farm
16. Kayaking
17. Did I mention reading on the patio?

And most importantly…being with my loveys. We will be on the road in the morning. May be checking in over the week…but maybe not. Yeah! SUMMER!


5 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah Summer! Hope you are having a blast! The sunset pic reminds me of your rehearsal dinner evening. By the way, you should check into your blog long enough to check out all the naked women Justin will be checking out on your flicker column! Okay, I see some cute baby birds too, but the huge boobs caught my eye first.

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