Everyone but me

I must have had a crazy year because I never remember vacation feeling this good. Don’t get me wrong because I always loved me my vacations, but this one feels especially luxurious. Steve would probably agree I am a much nicer person to be around, as of late. Which of course makes us all nicer to be around.
Natalie is with us this morning and we had hoped to go Strawberry picking, but thunder and rain prevented that from happening. So instead we rolled down to Portsmouth to Joanne Fabric and Macy’s to get some errands done. Of course at the fabric store I did not find what I was looking for, but found a lot of fun crafty things for the girls. And then at Macy’s we hit the clearance rack for a bunch of good finds for the girls and even Steve got lucky with two new bathing suits. The man has lost a lot of weight and is looking good. And after getting many stares of both sympathy and frustration I dragged my wild crew out to the car and went home for lunch.

Here are the girls busy at work while I make lunch. Ella is doing “quality work”. So says she.

This is what our kitchen looked like today. I have to remember that cleaning IS part of the vacation life. We are reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle right now and the second chapter is the Won’t Pick up toys Cure…if you haven’t seen us in a couple days can someone please put some crusty bread with peanut butter through a window with a rake.

So here is the beginning of the placemats. I love the flower fabric. I have to figure out what to use for the edges…I looked for ribbon today but I didn’t find anything I loved. These are going to the Netherlands. Do you think making placemats means we will become friends and we can go visit this woman? Am I in this for the wrong reasons?

This is for me. Just a great song. Makes me happy everytime I hear it. I am pretty sure I sound awesome when I sing it, too.


3 thoughts on “Everyone but me

  1. the roe family says:

    that is a beautiful thing. savor each and every moment. i must say i am experiencing something similar over here. i am almost giddy about this summer vacation. could it be that our children are getting older and we are enjoying them more. wait, i didn’t say that! could it be that we are able to do more with our children? i am not sure what it is exactly but it is GOOD! oh and i love the napkins. what a find. i am sure they will look smashing with you new dishes.

    kiss those gorgeous little girls for us.
    until next week~

  2. Kelly says:

    When asked about REM for some reason – A new “friend” of mine said that this was their best song… I think I may agree.

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