Family Day

Ella always gets excited when Steve and I are both home and we can have “Family Days”. Before school was winding down we had the chance to buy Red Sox tickets from one of Steve’s co-workers and of course lo and behold we had two things come up for that day. Because Steve is ALWAYS working when these events come up we decided to fore-go the game and hang out with the locals. So we sold the ticket to a friend of mine and his wife and they had an awesome day and we headed out to Ella’s t-ball bbq and a friend’s summer solstice bbq. We had a great day.
We started out the day with some treasure hunting. I found some napkins I LOVE! I am sure they are homemade.
The girls each ended up with some treasures-Molly found a three pack of Angelina Ballerina Puzzles-and Ella got a butterfly pin she wore all day!
I did a little weeding…look at my lovely succulents, Holly. Should I move them from their box? They seem so happy there.

T-ball BBQ was a mad-house. Seriously seemed like there were 150 people there…if not more.
Ella immediately fell into her buds arms and was off…
Steve spent some time at dinner with his buddy-Aren’t you a little curious about why they look like they could be related…This kid can hit. We have no idea where his family was, but we loved having him join us for the meal

The whole reason we were there—the presentation of the trophies.

From here we went to our friends and it was perfect. Good food, good beer, and I didn’t take one picture because it was too much fun. And I wore my skirt and got TONS of compliments and got to tell everyone, “Yeah, I made it.” Off to tear my hubby away from the Wii. Not sure that was the best idea for a Father’s Day gift…;)


4 thoughts on “Family Day

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah for friends and trophies and those red shoes! And for you loving your husband! What a great family day. We cherish ours too. Have a great Sunday!

  2. meme says:

    I thought you wanted to plant your smaller urns with succulents?????? If so this is the time to do it. They should fill in nicely- they enjoy being crammed together in small spaces.
    The frogs are singing tonight. I sure wish I could be here for your arrival but, alas, I must go to memorial for Alice- my one and only aunt. Dad is thrilled to have you all to himself. Cottage is clean, adult beds are made (didn’t know where everyone else would be so I left twin sheets in Bunk and Peggy’s bedroom. In the future sleeping bags might be the way to go for the kids. TP and paper towel are there as are towels, soap etc.
    See you all Sunday!

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