The end of another school year is upon us and we celebrated Father’s day!

I have so many pictures to share. Can you handle so many pictures? Please don’t miss out on kindergarten theatre on the post below. This post will take up so much space, I don’t want anyone to miss it. There are that many pictures.
First off, Molly completed three months of pre-school and got to participate in their little ceremony. If she looks a little shell-shocked it is because SHE IS. She was awesome though. She had huge eyes and kind of a nervous-ness about her. But she stayed up there and sang two songs and let us take her picture. Much happier when it was all over. She is a brave little chicken, that one.

Getting her picture taken-Can’t you just see the bewilderment?? Too cute.

Molly and Lincoln

Momma and Molly-I couldn’t stop giving her the thumbs-up sign through the whole thing and smiling. I think at one point she looked at me like-Enough already, MOM.

Sunday we went to visit Phil and Sri and the bean in her belly in Boston. Sri is the only one I am posting because all the rest of the pictures came out yucky-I truly look like I am “special” in the one picture I am in. Seriously-I told Steve that if he loves me he will tell me that I look like that before I leave the house. What is wrong with me? Someone please help me! I told him people were probably driving by going-“Why are they letting that crazy woman hold that little girl’s hand?” Ahhh-well, at least the rest of my family looks good. And Sri is in that Super Woman phase of her pregnancy. SO all is good on that front. Molly is so excited that she poked and poked at her belly. Very cute.

Tonight I stopped to pick up some eggs and veggies from the farm and lo and behold they had strawberries. So I made Jen’s yummy Rhubarb crisp with Strawberries, too. Holy Awesomeness! Nice treat to celebrate the end of the year. We all gave it two thumbs up. Except Molly, who apparently does not know how to give thumb’s up.

So we practiced and after much laughter…TADA!

And last but not least…Ella finishes a fabulous year of school tomorrow. She had a great time and so did we. We have made awesome friendships in both the kids and the parents. Tonight I made a little bird for her teacher. I really have to work on my hand sewing. So you are seeing the side that doesn’t have the hand sewn part. Hopefully, it will remind her of that lazy bird-Maizy…

Did you like how I brought back to Horton??

Only three days of work left!!!! Yahoo!!!


8 thoughts on “The end of another school year is upon us and we celebrated Father’s day!

  1. the roe family says:

    the count down is ON! love the thumbs up post and COME ON!!! post the “special” picture of yourself. we eat that sort of stuff up. and the pic of you and moo cow that i am stealing will leave everyone gasping anyhow. how beautiful – i love it!

  2. a-nugget says:

    I can TOTALLY see her being irritated with you for all the thumbs ups. Remember how Dad used to do that at EVERY public event we ever went to? By the time graduation from UNH came along I was doing it right back though… Now I give thumbs up for EVERYTHING. Mike makes fun of me cause sometimes I get so enthusiastic that the thumb actually sort of goes to the side. Haha, he knows I’m excited when he sees the “sideways” thumbs up. Only two more weeks….

  3. Sri says:

    Love Molly’s thumbs-up!
    Where’s me belly in that picture??? I’ve got to start wearing tighter clothes, man.
    We LOVED our Sunday with you guys :))

  4. barngirl says:

    Roe Family-we will see, we will see…I was tempted…And Thanks for thinking we are so gorgeous. I do love that picture. Credit to Steve for that pic and for the one of Sri.

    A-nugget-the thumb’s up is much tamer than faces. I remember he made such faces at me at some 4th grade presentation I lost it laughing in the middle of a song and had to sit down.

    Sri-I know-we need a belly photo. And we loved our Sunday with you too!!!!!

  5. meme says:

    OK, we know Beth is “special”, Ella is talented and Molly has a handle on the big thumbs up but I am not buying that Sri is pregnant on the strength of that photo. Shri Divi- you need to wear the hollywood fashions and show off that baby bump. Lycra and pandex are the new mommy styles so please…get with the program!
    Only a couple of weeks until we are all together again…
    look out NNY!!

  6. Jen says:

    Okay, good, there is a chorus of agreement. I saw the picture of Sri and was thinking, I KNOW she’s pregnant, but where? I love the pic of Ella and Steve’s thumbs and Molly’s enthusiasm. . .but wait. And then, TADA! Perfectly captured. Well done. Glad you loved the crisp!

  7. Sri says:

    Holly, it’s been so long since we saw you! When will you visit beautiful, gorgeous, splendid New England? (Are those words enough to entice you over here 😉 hehe)
    And yes, I NEED to get with the program!
    Lycra and Pandex-got it!
    Hope you guys are well.

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