Mrs. Morneault hatches some beautiful little people

Oh my goodness! What a glorious morning.
First, one my most favorite people was born today. I thank heavens for her and for all the wonderful things she has injected into my life over the years I have known her…about 29 years now!! Happy Birthday Holly!
Second today was Kindergarten Play day. You will have to be patient for the video. The professional will be working on it. But let me just tell you-perfect, awesome, spectacular way to wrap up a year of kindergarten. All of the kids were allowed to shine in which ever way suited their personality. Fabulous!
As I walked in to school today with Molly-Ella ran over with three friends. I asked if I could take a picture of her with her friends and all of the sudden all of these kids said YEAH and ran over for the picture. It was hysterical. I don’t even know who some of these kids are, but I guarantee Ella does.

Some of our Maine “Family”. We are blessed.

This is the only picture of Ella I have…it is such a tease. I need a better camera. But it will give you a taste of the play and something to look forward to.

After the play-it was popsicles and playground time.
Horton and Maisy-Also known as Chloe and Ella-Best buds

Chloe, Ella and Jackson

Molly decides to get in on the act

The whole class!

And to end a perfect day…three books in the mail today. Already so happy to hold and look at these lovely books. Time to go read them. Night everyone!


7 thoughts on “Mrs. Morneault hatches some beautiful little people

  1. meme says:

    Oh how I long for those days of life in CP, living close enough to watch the girls grow and spread their wings. But alas, we will settle for our times at the cottage and in the south together. Home is where the heart is….mine is often in Maine.

  2. Jen says:

    Can’t wait for the vid! I’m so glad everything went off without a hitch. Of course she did great! Do a review of the Spendid Table book please. I’ve been curious about that on.

  3. barngirl says:

    Ummmm-meme are you saying that you wouldn’t be coming to Maine, again?

    Jen-I will absolutely review it-my quick glance last night-looks AWESOME!

  4. a-nugget says:

    Man, we are all gettin’ sappy on the old blog this week huh? I wish I was going to Maine too… I always miss out on the summer party. 😦

  5. Sri says:

    I can’t wait to ask Ella about the play on Sunday.
    She must have been an absolute gem on stage :)))
    Was Molly impressed ?

  6. barngirl says:

    Ally-come to the party it is so much fun. The band is coming this yearrrrrr…..

    Sri-Molly’s attention was focused solely on when was Ella going to be on stage. It was so sweet. Good sisterly love there.

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