Today was just a fabulous day!

Yes this day just started on the absolute right foot! We broke in my plates with a yummy pancake breakfast this morning. Not before I got to sleep in until 8:30! And I woke to this sun shiny day. Carpe Diem fans did you know they are making their own tea…Carpe Tiem? So yummy! Lately when I am drinking my coffee, Ella joins me with some Tea. She wanted me to take this pic of our cups. Notice the Curious George Jam Glass in the background. We had all 6, but in the last three weeks Molly has smashed 2. So sad.

And all I have to say about this picture is—What Pancake?

About two minutes after this picture I was singing loudly with Ella some silly Pop Song she loves when this head popped in front of our window and I screamed. It was our darling stone mason. He came in and joined us for a cup of Diem and friendly chat. He is currently studying to be a social worker so we often have rants about the state of the union and so it was this morning.
The day continued with some gardening…My allium are up. Definitely a favorite!

And the girls did a little more needle work. The idea of Burlap, large needles and freestyle stitching came from the lovely SouleMama’s Book. The girls are loving just the rhythm of the needle and thread. And I love that.
The Randalls stopped by as we were about to run to Riverside for some more annuals for the barrel out front. Lovely little Interlude. Love that Deb.

Then this afternoon we partied like 6 year olds at a dear boy’s birthday. This family did the birthday party right. Relaxing, fun, beautiful weather. It was perfect! A series of pictures to share the fun of the day.
Ella and the Birthday Boy!

Run, kids, Run!

What an Adorable Crew!

Ah Pinata.

We left the party to visit our stone mason across the street. A little band practice, wiffle ball, trampoline bouncing and baby chicks! Jen and Justin-we want Chickens! Careful, Molly has got her eye on you.
By the way, the band is booked for the party this summer! Who is coming? Sigh! Just a perfect Day!


6 thoughts on “Today was just a fabulous day!

  1. lazytoadfarm says:

    HI Beth- I love the picture of your girls doing their needle work. I have the soule mama book and love it, so many neat ideas. I think you should get chickens… they are fun, easy to care for and fresh eggs are great.

    So sorry I forgot to send a recipe this wekend!

  2. Jen says:

    I’ll second Allison’s request! And Christa’s suggestion. You guys would LOVE chickens! We can tell you all about them! They are pretty easy and there is nothing more comical than seeing your kids chasing chickens! Even Adah gets in on the chase, “My chichees, my chichees!” And the eggs!

  3. barngirl says:

    That is part of his face and hand in the pic with the girls and the chick. When you come to the party you will see him in the band!
    Allyson I guess you better plan to stay until the 19th of July!
    I will see what I can get in terms of pictures.

  4. Jen says:

    Oh, hey, your new dishes are gorgeous! And I asked Eli what we should tell you about chickens and he said, “Feed them.” And I said, “They don’t even have chickens yet.” And Eli says, “Have Chickens. That’s the only word we can do for them.”

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