To be enjoyed

1. Tomorrow morning I head south to pick up my new “friends”. Yes, my plates are coming home with me. The woman I am getting them from has been sharing the most wonderful emails with me about her life and love of all things dish-y. “the broken cup that holds pencils on her desk-her crystal salt and pepper shakers that now are individual flower vases for guests place settings.” She sounds wonderful. I am actually looking forward to meeting her just as much as I am about getting the plates. (will maybe not just as much 😉 )
2. I have been having really interesting encounters with women lately. First there is this woman I am meeting tomorrow. Second, was very emotional and just heart wrenching. Last night, as Steve and I were cleaning up the kitchen the phone rang. When I answered, the woman on the other line told me that my name came up on her caller id and wondered why I had called her. I was very unsure, as to who she was and tried to help her come up with why my number might be on her caller id. Then came the reason she was calling people on her caller id. Her husband had died recently and she had been getting lots of calls for him and she was trying to return as many as she could and as she spoke these words her voice cracked and I could just feel in my heart her anguish and still raw emotions. She and I stayed on the phone for close to 10 minutes realizing in that time that she was my baby-sitter’s neighbor. My baby-sitter’s husband was the first one to help her when she came home to her husband on the floor. The whole story came flooding out. And she just kept telling me how wonderful I sounded and how wonderful I was and just crying. I felt something sacred about being a witness to her story when she so obviously still needed to tell someone about what is happening to her. And the third encounter involves my use of FreeCycle. I found someone in North Berwick, around the corner who offered embroidery hoops, floss and big needles so I can start the girls on some embroidery fun this summer. Tonight after dinner I popped over to her house-a fabulous old farmhouse and spent some time talking with her about sewing-she loves penny rugs-and other such things. I stayed for a while. When I got home I had an email from her, offering even more supplies to me.
So I guess upon further reflection, I am learning and enjoying the fact that people really are good. People from all over are looking for connections and really like helping each other. Sometimes we have to reach out to make that happen. We sometimes can find it in the oddest times and places.
3. Did I mention that I am getting my plates tomorrow?
4. Tonight during bedtime the girls and I read two book. Froggy Bakes a Cake– “Frroooggggy! Whaaat?” And The Bed Book by Sylvia Plath. My mother and her husband gave me that book when I was about 6. Sylvia Plath wrote a fabulous book about the different kind of fabulous beds we can have and dream about. It set the girls and I off on a search for what would make us the happiest. Definitely one that made breakfast. Ella would like one that she could stay in all day and had a dishwasher. Highly recommend this book.
5. The Weekend! And the fact that my principal was kind enough to encourage me through a backward facing day that soon I would be on the road home to my family and guess what…he was right.
6. Forgiveness. Forgiveness when you throw an adoring(and adored) student under the bus-the way adults are so good at doing, but I was not supposed to be one of those adults. After a week or more of the cold shoulder and the silent treatment, she accepted some kind words and a hug before walking out the door today. Ahhhh-forgiveness.
7. My family-an evening of homemade pizza eaten around the living room amid giggles, songs, stories of the day, and love.


One thought on “To be enjoyed

  1. Jen says:

    So many thoughts. . . I will definitely check out the Bed Book. We have been reading Froggy too. The stars are aligned. I think you are so right about people looking for connections. I’ve been having fun talking gardening with all kinds of folks and I think that there is so much getting lost in everyone’s busy lives, rushing back and forth to jobs, etc. Good luck with the plate pick-up! So exciting. And I’m looking forward to the recipes!

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