A tad obsessive

I am feeling a little like a scorned and obsessive lover. It has been two days since I last heard from the woman I am wanting to buy the plate set from and it is driving me a little batty. Here are two more items that came up in my EBAY auto search (thank you Colleen, or maybe I should say darn you…it is only adding to my obsessiveness)
The Ice Tea Tumbler-Maybe some Mint Bourbon Iced Tea?

And the Milk Glass Fire King Mixing Bowl. Siiigggghhhh

Hey, some people have shoes, some people have addictions to cigarettes, my addiction is place settings. It could be worse.


One thought on “A tad obsessive

  1. Ah ha ha haaaaaaa.
    As someone who gets way too excited about vintage kitchenware, I totally understand. My saved search is for Tahoe vintage postcards, since we’re getting married at Lake Tahoe…they’re going to be our save-the-dates. Already won two lots of 40 on eBay!
    Yay saved searches!

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