Look what I found!

I found a 64 piece set on craigslist. The cups are different but the same pattern…

A wonderful woman-her grandmother’s set. I think I will be bringing it home. It will be happy here.

The Randall kids are spending the night. Their parents are off in Manchester seeing Van Halen. LUCKY! Oh well, I am glad one of us is having a good time. I will take one for the team. I got some herbs planted in my barrel. We also planted Molly’s bean plant from school. We were all a little worried that nothing was going to come up-Except Molly-she knew it would come up. Think-The Carrot Seed.

I have to say four kids after a day of work-happy I just have two on a regular basis. It is always sweet to be able to share my love with other kids and know that they are comfortable here in these walls. I am enjoying watching these kiddos grow with my own. It feels awesomely special.

Only 16 days of school left. But who is counting? ME!

P.S. A recipe for a great summer cocktail. Not sure I would ever make it, but maybe and it sounds YUMMY! The bitten word has the recipe for Bourbon Mint Tea.


10 thoughts on “Look what I found!

  1. the roe family says:

    no way!!! all 64 pieces? i guess that one was just meant to be.

    pete is gone. i am cleaning — YUCK!

    i miss you.

  2. a-nugget says:

    PS for some inane reason everytime I hear the Van Halen song “Jump” I think of you. What did you do to me as a child??? hehehe

  3. Believe me, I am almost as excited about that set as you are. I would grab that pattern up if I saw it anywhere, myself. It would also go with the colors in some of my other mix n match vintage plates.

  4. PS I bookmarked the mint bourbon tea recipe…we have mint growing like gangbusters here and we both like our whisk. although i prefer the irish/scottish types.

  5. barngirl says:

    A-nugget-glad you approve. And I helped make you the awesome person you are today. Jump is a great song.

    Colleen-yeah—i love those colors. the blue especially. And I will be stopping by for some mint bourbon tea-no i won’t but I would like to.

  6. Jen says:

    64 is a lot of pieces. You are psyched. And Justin said Van Halen was great but that David Lee had one kick that he did over and over. I think it was Colleen who saw them at the beginning of the tour? Maybe they’ve petered a bit since then, if I remember her post correctly. 🙂

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