Should I collect it? I just don’t know

Over the weekend I found one of these plates at a garage sale and bought it for 35 cents. I absolutely love it. And now that I have seen the cups, saucers and bowls…I love it even more. I am tempted to start the gathering of all things Salem Biscayne 63U. My problem is…do I bid on ebay 11 bucks for 4 plates plus shipping…a total of 25 bucks when it is all said and down? I have already only paid 35 cents for my one lovely plate…I don’t want to pay more than that. I have been spoiled. It really is lovely though, isn’t it? Sigh-maybe I will begin the hunt and hope to pay no more than a dollar a piece. Wish me luck and keep your eye out.


4 thoughts on “Should I collect it? I just don’t know

  1. meme says:

    Very pretty. I think the thrill of the hunt is what it is all about. I would definately chek the Kbunk Flea and Antiques USA. You never know…..

  2. Gorgeous! Set up a saved search for them on eBay, let the robots do the searching for you. Those are great. And you also have a purpose when you go treasure hunting.

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