Because it is such a great idea!

Update:  I am little disappointed I have not got much response to this activity.  As a tease, I have the recipe for Holly’s Devilish Eggs—but maybe I won’t share.  😉  PEDRO-of all people, I was sure you would have a recipe for me!

My sister-in-law came up with this great fun idea to share some Summer Salad Recipes. She is doing this fun over at her blog—As The Roes Grow. In an effort to sweeten the bowl, she and I agreed I should carry on this activity over here. So as summer picnic season descends upon us, wouldn’t it be great to have a new dish to wow your friends and family with? All you have to do is email me a recipe for one of your favorite summer dishes at She and I will both be posting all these recipes on Sunday June 1st. Oh the culinary JOY! I love it!

Confused? It is late and I am a little fuzzy from tiredness, just email me for clarification.


4 thoughts on “Because it is such a great idea!

  1. Jen says:

    I’ll send my recipe right over. I need some good inspiration. Actually, I’m looking for a good lentil salad recipe if anyone has one.

  2. the roe family says:

    OMG – i just had the most amazing lentil salad at a pinic yesterday. my new friend mary brought it to share. she is a bee keeper, a peace maker and amster seemstress. i’ll get the recipe to share. it was AMAZING!!!

    and stupid mewhen i saw it i said “oh i love capers”. open mouth insert foot! so glad they love me for who i am.

  3. a-nugget says:

    Sorry, I sent mine to Sarah but I am sure I have more that I can send to you too. I dont usually follow recipes so I have to think about all that I put into stuff and then write it down and send it to you. Patience young grasshopper….

    (PS your deviled eggs dont scare me- for some reason I always try to eat them so that I start liking them but I just don’t…I wish I did…)

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