I am singing the back to work blues

Ever since I was a kid I always got this sadness, a malaise, the blues about having to go back to school after a weekend, vacation, whatever. I still get it. It is most pronounced after awesome weekends such as this one. I want to keep playing and puttering around the yard. I want to hang out with people, mostly my kids. Darn it. I don’t want to go to school.

Saturday morning, my friend Deb called at 8:30 and asked if the kids and I wanted to go treasure hunting (garage sales). So we armed each of the kids with three dollars in quarters and purses and wallets for all of them. We all piled in the van and we were off. I have to say the kids made out like bandits and they had so much fun. I found two great plates for a total of 75 cents. I love them. Deb got some plants and a sprinkler head. But the kids, oh my…free scarves, a hello kitty purse for 25 cents that had plastic crap in it, a free bag of barbies, a wallet, a porcelin duck for 25 cents, a bouncy ball for 10 cents, a necklace and bracelet for a buck…on and on and on. Yes we are trying to rid ourselves of clutter, but they had so much fun. And everything was enjoyed and admired all weekend long. Saturday afternoon the kids stayed with the Randalls while Steve and I attended a co-workers Memorial service-we took the opportunity to spend some time in Kennebunk for some snacks at Federal Jack’s after the service. The scenery and atmosphere was just what we needed-and the lady next to us breaking out into Don’t You Forget About ME very loudly. That was good too.

Sunday was a morning full of planting and playing and then on to the Dover Nasons for some family time. Please see Deuce Spruce for some good pics of the day, as I took the evening off from pictures. Needless to say, I very much enjoyed the time, especially the extra love I got from my niece during tumble time in the yard.

Today, more frolicking in the yard, a trip to the beach, and home for a great meal on the deck.

Molly, pool princess

Right before I took this they were loving each other-how quickly they can turn on each other.

The hammock is out. Good times. Wherever you are Gillian Waterman-this wedding gift makes us happy still.

The view from the patio this morning.

Matching bathing beauties.


6 thoughts on “I am singing the back to work blues

  1. the roe family says:

    i see a whole lot of GREEN! sounds like a great weekend. i’ve got those same blues this morning…

  2. “Treasure hunting” is such a great term for it! Watch out, though, garage sailing w/my moms was what got me started, now it’s a lifestyle.

  3. barngirl says:

    Someone might say we live in the “woods”.

    Colleen-from what i have seen of your lifestyle-I would be okay with that.

  4. Jen says:

    Are you doing the inevitable countdown, though? One of my coworkers said today after a lame meeting, “Only 12 teaching days left.” We’re so close!!!

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