What to do with a day of hooky.

When our babysitter informed us that she was going to need the day off today, I was peeved and annoyed.  Today I want to shake her hand and hug her in thanks.  I have enjoyed this beautiful day before Memorial Day Weekend.  Molly and I did the Reny, Garage Sale, Marden’s circuit after dropping Ella off at school and returning home for lunch.  When we returned home we entered our house around the back as the patio was in it’s final stages and inside our house was getting scoured from top to bottom.  Some well-spent dollars if I do say so myself.  Our tile floor has not sparkled like this since the day we installed it.  Our whole house smells fantastic.  After grabbing Ella and playing on the playground for a bit, we ran over to Irish so I could get my hair cut.  Getting home we all crashed for a bit and then headed across the street to “the meadow” to collect some lilac.  As I sit here watching the girls gallop around and play school, happily entertained, I feel so blessed.  Today I asked the magic 8 ball if I was one lucky lady and it replied-“ah, not.”  (it’s a high school musical 8 ball) So I have to believe a little bit that some of this greatness is all deserved after a very long and hard few months.  The magic 8 ball does not lie.

Some beautiful flowers…from a beautiful girl…

Molly racing up the drive to the lilacs-

Needing a rest

The fruit of our labors…aka a walk to the meadow

The patio is complete

Above the sink.  I had given my mother-in-law my scented geranium and it became a huge , gorgeous plant.  I have missed it since it did not last after she passed away.  I just purchased a new one and I think of her every time I rub and smell it’s lemony leaves.

Our eating area all shiny and clean.  See lilacs in the corner.  Their scent is heavenly.

Plants finding a new home on the patio.  My house seems to be happy or maybe it is all our happy energy in it. 


2 thoughts on “What to do with a day of hooky.

  1. the roe family says:

    the patio is gorgeous!
    and those boots – oh so good to see them on that gorgeous little moo.
    and a clean house… siiiiigggghhhhh — i remember those days. di dyou treat yourself to a cleaner or what? hot dog!

  2. Jen says:

    Yay for you guys. Isn’t it the best to be off schedule for a day? Also, I am working on not being jealous of your clean house. Is it still clean?

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