Happy where I am.

This morning I was off site for our 6th grade Awareness day-a day spent warning and informing kids about alcohol addiction, yada, yada. I have for the past three years done a presentation with our school nurse. By now we are experienced and perfect in our deliverance and performance of this presentation we call Connections. At the end of the session we do an activity with kids where someone has to put on a hat, a shirt, button four buttons, unbutton, take off the shirt, take off the hat…and it is all timed. They do that and then we add a balloon to the challenge. The balloon—aha—represents addiction. Kids make the connection that everyday things lose focus instead the focus turns to the balloon-addiction. Kids love this activity. They totally get it, but they love the challenge. Sometimes kids are really good at the activity. We talk about functional alcoholics when that happens.

So today we had 5 minutes left with our last group so a bunch of kids wanted a try at the balloon activity to see how long it would take them. I stepped out to return a frantic phone call from my v-principal who was dealing with one of my regular customers. Our afternoon presenter showed up and she is someone I have worked with before so she stopped to say hi. She gazed at the hall where there were shrieks of laughter and cheers and asked “what are you doing in there”. I looked into the hall and looked at her and said-“teaching them how to be functional alcoholics.” It got us going-“look kids we know you are going to drink-so really let’s be realistic-you have to be able to juggle all these things-school, sports, and binge drinking.” “Know when to say when—drink lots of water-asprin before bed-“. Lots of times inappropriate jokes creep up around me at work.

So this afternoon, I was talking to the high school guidance counselor and he informed me that the part-time counselor was leaving to be a stay at home mom. In an instant I thought of a three day work week. He told me to think about it. It was really appealing. After not getting Steve on the phone-I ran up to my other friend to get his opinion. Seriously within a few minutes I knew I would not leave. I can not imagine not working at my school. My afternoon was the working of a well-oiled machine. I am amazed at the things I can take care of with my v-principal and principal. We dealt with three different issues in a matter of about a half hour. And the fact that I know how to annoy certain people and I know those people I can laugh with…why would I go anywhere else. I am happy where I am.


5 thoughts on “Happy where I am.

  1. Wow, good for you. I think being happy where you are is pretty rare.
    So funny to get the inside scoop from the adults after only being on the kid end of that scenario in the past.
    That’s a good game, though. Might make a good drinking game…

  2. Jen says:

    Wow, I am once again commenting on my jealousy of you. What is with me and my jealousy of you? You are insanely lucky to have administrators you can Work with. I’ll leave it at that.

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