Saturday is over already? What happened?

We had a beautiful Saturday dusted with some rain here and there. We got some more veggies in the bed this morning before heading out to the library.

After a stop there for some books and fun, we headed over to the school for t-ball team pictures. And a little time chatting in the sun.

We got home and had some lunch on the deck and spent a couple hours playing and planting.

The urns seemed to almost sigh when I finally got some soil and plants into them.

Our night was spent with the Lamberts. The kids had fun with each other and it was so great to sit on their deck and drink a glass of wine. Our talk was of summer plans and town doings. Ella was in a mood tonight. Though at one point as she was standing there complaining to me about something, Levi walked in the kitchen and so quickly he laid a gentle kiss right on her shoulder. Just as quickly he smiled cheerfully and left with whatever he came in for. He is such a happy kid.

Now I am watching the Riches and eating Tollhouse pie from Meg, so good. Only missing one thing…I will look forward to seeing him tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Saturday is over already? What happened?

  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your rock wall…. Did we see a finished picture last year? I didn’t know it was THAT big of a project… AWESOME.

    Oh yeah.. .and those kids.. man o man those girls. CUTIES. CUTE CUTE CUTIES.

  2. barngirl says:

    Thanks for the rock wall love.
    No-my boyfriend, the hunky stone mason, made those walls. He does nice work and he looks nice too. Right honey?!

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