Flower Update

Let’s start this off with a little Mother’s Day present from my wee one. I came home from work today and immediately got my eye’s covered and walked over to the stone wall. When my gift was revealed I witness my moo giggling and holding onto this pretty pot with flowers. What a fabulous gift! My girl is getting so big.

Here is my favorite part of spring-Uncovering/discovering the lady slippers. We take almost daily walks around the yard looking for this mysterious and elusive beauty. This one is coming up right on the edge of the yard. We put rocks around it so no one will step on it.

My circle garden that was planted for me last year by Meme and Ella is coming back to life in full force. My favorite flower in the bunch took it’s time coming up this year but hoorah-they are here!

I am happy to report that my mixed up flowering shrub that was first not flowering at all and then flowered in the fall has finally got it figured out and is flowering RIGHT now.

And last but MOST certainly NOT least-the BLUEBERRIES are COMING! Yippie! This sight got me all giddy and happy. Yum.


2 thoughts on “Flower Update

  1. aw yeah, blueberries! One Morning In Maine-style. meanwhile i’m sneezing my head off from all the pollen down here from a zillion flowers. totally like the cliche of a city person going to the country.

  2. Jen says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Spring is so wonderful when winter was so long and snowy. I keep thinking of the Frese kids I babysat, “They’re perennials. They’ll come back.”

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