check this out…

This is my darling sister and adorable boyfriend. They are two lovely people, but something weird happens when they see a camera…And I have seen this before with people…but one of them has to make a face. I wonder do they turn to each other before the picture is taken to decide whose turn it is to make the face or does it just happen naturally. I am awed, amazed at the many faces they are capable of, no two faces are the same. Gifted I tell you…gifted. The first is not their best face, they must have just had an off day.

Love you guys!


3 thoughts on “check this out…

  1. a-nugget says:

    hahahahaha, I never really noticed that but you are totally right, we DO do that. The other day my friend Sandahl left her phone at work and asked me to bring it to her on my way back downtown. So I decided to spice up her life a little and take a whole bunch of silly photos of myself and things around me (think my stuffed wombat and her stuffed rat got a little cozy for a picture). She is equally as entertained by my face-making for photos. One of these days we’ll get a good picture of the two of us. I hope!

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