Cut those apron strings…

We had a big day on Sunday here in NoBo. There were no awards, no medals pinned on chests, no big celebrations, no news media to help document, no cake…but a big day none the less. On Saturday I taught Ella how to use the remote on the t.v. and we wrote down the numbers and the stations for all the kid channels they love. Yes, we watch t.v. Mornings usually start out that way…a little dragon tales, arthur while munching on some toast or cereal. Often after the eating is done it becomes forgotten for other activities, but yes we watch t.v. Why am I defensive?

ANYWAY-the celebration. So I taught Ella how to find their channels. Well, here is the beauty…at 5:55 a.m. the two girls woke up and instead of coming upstairs and pestering me for an hour or so until I roll out of bed growling and muttering-I am NOT an morning person, those little munchkins ran downstairs. I heard Ella pour cereal for herself and grab a yogurt and open it for Molly. They grabbed their trays and away they went. I rolled downstairs at 7:30. They were playing happily. Ella couldn’t have been PROUDER. She told me over and over all the things she did all by herself. I certainly didn’t fall back into a deep slumber but it was sooooooooo lovely to luxuriate in my bed without being dragged out of it by two little cretins girls.  And listening to Ella help Molly was so much fun.

Basically Ella had an awesome day on Sunday.  At one point-I looked at her and said-“what’s up with you?”  She looked at me smugly, “what can I tell you, I am a talented girl.”  I love the independence.


4 thoughts on “Cut those apron strings…

  1. the roe family says:

    that is BEAUTIFUL! you may have just recalimed your saturday mornings in bed.

    you are a talented girl ella – boo!

  2. meme says:

    Way to go, Ella!
    Maybe you can teach Meme and Grandpa how to work that remote. We are sooooooo clueless.
    What will No-Mama do with all her new found free time??

  3. a-nugget says:

    Hahahahahaha, I LOVE that she is smug. I wish she got that saying from me. “What can I say, I’m a talented girl!” I am guessing she didn’t but that would’ve been cool. Sigh, I am too far away.

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