T-ball, TemperTantrum, and Tee-Totalers??

T-Ball on this cold and rainy morning. A drag getting there, but good once we were there. Ella played 1st base in this game and she was happy to have stopped a couple hits. So happy she would turn to me on the sidelines and shake her bootie and give me thumbs-up. Yeah Ella! This afternoon she left us for a birthday party. Molly and I stayed home-after a little coloring, we decided to have a HSM2 dance party. It’s really fun. About 3 songs in my sweet baby started yelling and crying at me which dissolved into a full-blown temper tantrum for about 5 minutes. When she finally calmed I pulled her on my lap and she put her head down on my chest. A few deep breaths and my big girl was snoozing like she was a baby again. I think I sat there forever enjoying that tender snore, warmth and a moment which will probably not come again anytime soon. When I finally decided to get somethings done before picking up E-I moved her to the couch and when I peeked in on her later-a little buddy had joined her.

Huge kudos to Angry Chicken. Once again a fabulous idea came from this lady. She had her kids cut out friday flyers to make picto-grocery lists. This morning while I cleaned up from breakfast I had Ella grab a couple sheets of paper, glue sticks and scissors while I got the ads and away they went. Much fun and we are looking forward to our trip to the grocery store tomorrow. However, do you think it is a bad sign when your 5 year old puts beer on the shopping list? And it is Bud light??

And my big accomplishment of the day-I finished 4 of our placemats we made over vacation. I love them! Because I finished four of them I am afraid that my motivation for finishing them is gone-HOWEVER-lo and behold Grumpa is coming to dinner on Monday so I set a goal to use those for dinner so I will get them done. I finished them! Phew-I feel better.

And just a side-thanks for all your responses on my last post. I was worried about posting about that, but everyone helped me feel good about it. LazyToadFarm-so good to hear from you. Thanks for commenting!


4 thoughts on “T-ball, TemperTantrum, and Tee-Totalers??

  1. bigbarn says:

    I’m glad the girls know what to get their Dad at the grocery store. I’m sure the Bud Light is only a place holder for something else. (please)

  2. Jen says:

    I think the Bud Light would raise a few questions in this house! Where have you seen someone drinking this?! And does it make you question any of their other picks? Maybe they just like the colors or shapes of things? I hate to say, but I am glad to hear that you deal with temper tantrums because Eli is starting on this tantrum phase over things we can’t understand, and they drive us crazy! At least we’re not alone.
    I hope the grocery shopping adventure was fun. I like Angry Chicken too. She makes me crazy with all her creativity and over-abundant great ideas, but I like to check in with that blog. Maybe I’ll have an idea someday!

  3. a-nugget says:

    yeah, when she gets past the age of 22 you mean? Cause bud light is about all you can afford till then. At least she wasn’t going for the Natty Light…or the Colt 45. Oh college…

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