“You put some miles on that car!”

That’s what the rental car guy said when he checked the mileage on the car we rented from him a week earlier. What a trip we had. A great vacation-MUCH better then my last vacation. We finished up our road trip in Rochester, NY visiting Grandma and Grandpa. I was impressed with Rochester. Haven’t been since I was little so I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, the weather helped. I had a day to myself, while the Grands took the girls to the Strong Children’s Museum. My day included a little pampering, shopping, and wandering around by myself. Perfect. Here are pictures from each…
Getting into Legos

Reaping the benefits of little kids—EVERYTHING can be fun.

In front of Grandma and Grandpa’s beautiful new house. We loved it!

On the steps of a very famous Stoop.

What’s on your head? I don’t know what’s on your head?
On the train with Grandpa!

With Grandma after dinner at Wegman’s. Sigh—I love Wegman’s.
Great thrift/vintage/junk store-wandered in for a while-got yards of a fun fabric there for 5 bucks.

LakeShore Records-where I awwed-young hipsters with my story of meeting my Maine Man in a record store. Get’s em everytime.

We had a great time with all the grandparents-they all showed us a great time, but we were happy to roll back into NH around 5:00 in time to meet Steve for some yummy pizza and then home for a restful night in our own beds. NOTHING feels better than that. Thanks again everyone for having us. Hope you will have us again soon!


2 thoughts on ““You put some miles on that car!”

  1. the roe family says:

    i have heard a lot of great things about rochester as well. we hope to get there soon. i love the what’s on your head pic. made me laugh!

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