Big doins’ in a small town…

Saturday started early here in Maine. We were all standing in or around the baseball field at 7:45 yesterday morning. Opening day ceremonies for the NBAA! Ella got her hat and t-shirt and had her first t-ball game. EVEN-wait for it MIKE- got to meet Wally the Green Monster. I KNOW, fantastic. Big doins! It was an awesome morning spent running around with friends in the sun and connecting with families from around town.
Giving Wally a high five!

Getting an autograph and their picture taken with the monster! Very brave!

On the bench waiting for the game to start-can you feel the excitement!

So cool when your daddy is the batting coach.

Run, ELLA, Run

After the game, we went home to play and work in the yard and then UNCLE PHIL came for a visit. Yahoo! We love Uncle Phil! We had a yummy meal, and watched Gone, Baby, Gone last night…not a great movie and it made it hard for me to fall asleep though I do love Casey Affleck.


7 thoughts on “Big doins’ in a small town…

  1. pedro says:

    Freaky. Erin and I watched Gone Baby Gone last night, also! We, however, enjoyed it very much. Why do you feel its ‘not a great movie’?

  2. barngirl says:

    I felt like it tried a little too hard-with the dialogue and some of the scenes-dying on the rooftop, etc…BUT I really enjoyed Casey Affleck. It is really freaky that you watched it too last night.

  3. the roe family says:

    love the pics of the toes. a really great shot.
    we watched that a while ago. ditto on the casey comment. think ben is much better directing then acting. we thought the movie was good but terribly disturbing. i am not sure i could have turned her back over.

  4. barngirl says:

    No no no-absolutely would have left her with the other family…I think that is why I couldn’t really get behind his thinking AT ALL. And really I think she would have been fine about not being with her cocaine whore mother…another reason I didn’t really think it was a great movie…just a little over the top.

  5. Jen says:

    Hey! We’re all back in our homes! I didn’t know your mom was in Rochester now. That was confusing for a minute. You are very brave to set off on that trip without Steve. I am always amazed by you! Ella playing T-ball is too sweet. So glad you’re all having fun with that!

  6. I just saw a Casey movie this weekend too (and I want to say yet another one in the week leading up to that). Homeboy is everywhere lately.

    Thanks for reminding me about my old man teaching me to hit a baseball back in the early 80s. Awww.

  7. Jen says:

    Oooh, new theme. Classy. By the way, I love the pic of you and Ella. I always look so bug-eyed in those photos. I’m jealous of how great you look! So natural and happy. Blissful?

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