“That is my wish”

Traveling with kids is never simple. It is definitely fun, but there are times within a day when you are on someone else’s turf and you are missing your old stand-by of home-“go play at the craft table, the kitchen, the easel, your playset, your room…” all those things that are known. The plus side of traveling is all the new places and toys and books you can stumble upon-some, it’s not so much as they are new, but just unused for a while.

This afternoon we had a picnic lunch at the cottage. A brief lunch turned into several hours, a burn pile and naked-ness in the sand (for just one of us). If it weren’t for the freezing temperature of the lake, I would have sworn it was summer.

Tonight around 9:20 I heard Molly up in the room talking. I went in to lay down with her and the following conversation occurred…
“mommy I would like an angelina ballerina party.” “okay, do you want to take ballerina lessons, too?” “no, i already took lessons at Charlotte’s house.” “oh, okay.” “Mommy, really I want married clothes…that is my wish.” “Oh really?!?! And who will you marry?” “Andrew.” “Where will you live?” “I want to live with you mommy and daddy and ella-and oreo and meepers.” ” What will Andrew wear?” “Handsome clothes. What is your wish, Mommy?”

I wish that I could remember every little thing that happens here and now.


2 thoughts on ““That is my wish”

  1. Jen says:

    Hey, friend! I’m loving all your pictures and tales of the week. It looks like a relaxing vacation, although I am feeling your displaced person feeling. I love our home in the spring, and the weather up there looks great too. The swimming has been really fun though. You guys will be back at the cottage before you know it, splashing in the waves. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your dad and Holly. They must be loving having you.

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