We’re on Vacation!

The girls and I drove down the highway for our get-a-way week in NNY. And so far it is just as fine as a trip to Florida. A walk on the beach, balmy temperatures in the 70s, and time with the grandparents. We rented a car for the trip and so far I think that has been the girls favorite part. “This car is so cool-I want to keep it.” And for the first time in their memory they could control their back windows. Up and Down and Up and Down-Thank goodness for child locks. They really are troopers, however. After a yummy breakfast with Daddy before we left him for the week, we hit the road. They were good for 2 and 1/2 hours before we stopped for lunch. We didn’t stop again, except for a stop on the side of the road, until we reached the farm. A pleasant sight for the road weary.

This morning, after a yummy blueberry pancake breakfast, all the ladies went for a walk on Eldorado Beach while Grandpa took a nap. Have to say he is only looking stronger. Got some great pictures from the walk. It was beautiful out. Click the images to enlarge.


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