Bibbidi Bobbidi-WTF???

We went to a birthday party tonight and a few minutes into the first game, a little guest came skipping into the room. I THINK there was an audible GASP when we all saw her. But maybe it was just me because I was freaked out. She had a plastic hair weave with glitter all through it and BRIGHT BLUE EYE SHADOW on her eyes. Turns out the little one returned from a Disney Vacation where her parents took her HERE

I have nothing else to say about this except…..Really?
OH and this…


7 thoughts on “Bibbidi Bobbidi-WTF???

  1. meme says:

    WTF indeed!
    Yes, now we have figured out a way to indulge our female fantisies through our daughters. I guess the lesson of Jon Bene Ramsey are too soon forgotten. This is not good when men do it with their sons, not good when women do it with their daughters. Disney has really blown it on this one:>(

  2. I am not down with the Disney Princess thing.

    Also, that Bryan Adams video teaches us a valuable lesson. Always make sure your makeup is perfect before diving into an empty pool. There may be a Canadian rock star lurking about.

  3. Jen says:

    Awww, we already have Adah’s appointment scheduled for the Castle package, and now I’m afraid all your friends will judge me.
    Oh, wait, we’re not going to Disney. Phew!
    (But just imagine the gasp that you would let out if I posted a picture of my darling with a plastic glitter weave.) Thanks for the laugh.

  4. barngirl says:

    Meme-so right you are so right.
    Jen-I kind of want you to put a weave on Adah-just because you said that—I think it would be hysterical.
    Colleen-Damn Disney and their brillant ideas. It is so true-I am mad because it’s true.

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