She got herself a haircut!

You know what happens when Mom gets back on her feet and pulls herself out of the doldrums? She looks at her kids hair and says—EGADS—I have hairy children. Today we got to go visit our favorite hairdresser with an awesome name-Irish Nason. Seriously-that is her name. Got to love her. Ella has decided to try growing her hair long. Funnily enough-she got her bangs trimmed and then when i was somewhere else, asked to have the back trimmed a little. So funny. Molly, on the other hand, was ready for a change. She told me she wanted a haircut and when we walked in Irish cheered to see all the hair-it has been a while-and said we are giving her a bob. So exciting. Here are the pictures-she was a great client and seemed to really beam about the haircut.


4 thoughts on “She got herself a haircut!

  1. meme says:

    Too cute!
    Can’t wait to see my girls again….soon, soon.
    Look out, Mom, you have already lost control of the hair styles, what’s next??

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