Hop on girl and hang on…

Tonight the girls and I went to the Randall’s for a little dinner. Mostly to play and eat something in between. We had a nice night having not seen them for about two weeks. A lot of catching up about life situations-for the kids-laughter, yelling, and running. The best thing about the Randall’s house for our kids are their motorized vehicles for kids. They have not only a jeep for kids but also a four wheeler. As Deb and I sat and chatted we heard the sound of Molly trying to run the 4 wheeler. Deb jumped to the window and said I had to come see the cutest thing. Soon I saw Molly on the back of the four-wheeler with her arms wrapped around Jack’s waist as the two buzzed around the circle driveway. (And yes they were all wearing helmets.) There was something so precious about the two them circling around laughing. Jack stopping when Molly asked and before starting up again making sure Molly was holding on. Deb and I watched and laughed especially when the sisters joined the runs in the jeep. I just hope that these friendships last and last and last because they are creating such memories right now.

Tonight as I tucked Molly into bed she looked at my wedding ring and said “why are you wearing this mommy?” I told her this was my wedding ring. She asked if I was married and I said yes to Daddy. “Why?” she asked. Because I love Daddy. “Did you get a baby-sitter for the marriage?” No-you weren’t born yet. She let that sink in for a minute-“did you dance and wear a beautiful dress?” YES and YES! She smiled peacefully and was ready for bed. Tonight was one of those nights, you just want to soak up and hold on to so tight. So I hugged her until she squirmed away but she was sure to get another kiss before I left.


6 thoughts on “Hop on girl and hang on…

  1. a-nugget says:

    Haha, that made me laugh. Did you get a baby-sitter? God that was a fun wedding…good times. Can you guys do it again please?

  2. Jen says:

    I need to buy a bottle of that fun and happiness to sip from when I find myself losing patience. Or maybe I just need a Jeep!

  3. adorable. i’ve heard about this legendarily awesome wedding from therese! my neice had a similar line of questioning for my sister in law, but she didn’t understand the part about her not being born yet when the wedding happened.

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